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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kitchen Cure Week 1: Getting rid of old food

This week's Kitchen Cure assignment was to go through your fridge, pantry, and cupboards, and get rid of everything out of date, going bad, or never used. Haven't opened that box of tea in a year? (Guilty.) Toss it!

Here's everything I dumped today:

throwing away out of date and bad food

Fridge before:

kichen cure - fridge before decluttering
Fridge after:

kitchen cure - fridge after decluttering
Spice cupboard before:

kitchen cure - spice cupboard before decluttering
Spice cupboard after:

kitchen cure - spice cupboard after decluttering
Pantry before:

kichen cure - pantry before decluttering
Pantry after:

kitchen cure - pantry after decluttering
We moved back into our house only in September last year, so we haven't had time to accumulate too much crap. Nonetheless I was surprised to find just how many duplicates (spices, mainly) we had.

Getting rid of stuff is always worth the effort.

Now go take a look at what everybody else has been doing.

1 comment:

Average Jane said...

Ooh, I didn't think to take photos of the stuff I was throwing away. I'm only about two cupboards in so far, though, so maybe I'll start doing that in addition to the before and after pix from here on out.