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Monday, April 21, 2008

Use a blowdryer to get the crispiest roast chicken ever

blowdrying a chicken to get crispy skin
photo.jpg, originally uploaded by RĂ­ona.

ME: Come and take my picture! I'm blowdrying a chicken!
HIM: What?
ME: I'm blowdrying our chicken so it will be really crispy, and I want a picture of it.
HIM: Fine.


HIM: Are you going to put this on the internet?

The best way to get crispy, golden skin on a roast chicken is to make sure that the surface (and probably the inside) of the bird is completely dry before it goes in the oven.

This chicken I brined with garlic, salt, and bay leaves, then butterflied. I was about to start the tedious process of drying it with paper towels when I realized there was a better way.

And the results are in: Blowdrying your chicken is the way to go. The skin comes out beautifully crispy, all puffy and golden. You don't go through half a roll of disgusting paper towels. And (almost most importantly) blowdrying your chicken is takes about half the time it takes to blot it dry with towels, and does a better job.

However, your beloved will think you are nuts. Your call.


Dataceptionist said...

Thats an awesome tip Riona!
I am going to try this. At least, once I gather the courage to roast something I will. I don't know why, but roasts intimidate me.

How do you do your vegies? My mum's always done them in the baking dish, but she uses SO MUCH oil, I prefer a healthier alternative?

Kahlee said...

*scratches head* Does that really work? I might try that next time!


J said...

This is a neat you have the after picture so we can see the final product?

Sonja Grosskopf said...

Just found this and think it needs to resurrected!. Im going to try it with my crispy skin roast duck this weekend.