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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stretchy soup

Round here, we eat a lot of soup. And our soup is never a delicate broth, but a thick, hearty meal in a bowl - what Rachael Ray would call "stoup". (Why do people rag on Rachael Ray? I have my theories.) My mother's family referred to it as "Aitin' soup" - there's both aiting and drinking in it. And if you make big batches, there's always something to eat.

Last week, I made one of my favorite quick-enough dishes: pumpkin and sweet potato curry with chickpeas. It ended up a little thin, but still tasty.

The next day, looking to beef it up, I defrosted a package of spinach, squeezed it out, and stirred it in. Now the soupy curry was a thicker stew. It tasted meatier, somehow.

On day three, it didn't look like we had quite enough. I stirred in a 24-ounce can of fire-roasted tomatoes. Delicious! All the flavors had had a chance to meld, and the tomatoes added a lovely sweeter edge.

The progression of plain to spinach to tomatoes is definitely one I'm going to follow again, next time perhaps with a more Italian flavor. Variety without effort is just what I'm often looking for in the middle of the week.

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Karen said...

Ah, frozen spinach. It's my SECRET WEAPON. Every so often, however, the weapon misfires; there was a batch of cheese dip (mmmmm) that I ruined by adding frozen spinach. So much for my attempts to make a nutritional silk purse out of a sow's ear...