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Monday, March 19, 2012

Chia seed banana pudding: My new addiction

banana chia seed pudding
Mash a banana really really well. Stir it into a cup of soy milk. Vanilla Silk is nice, and already sweetened, but you could also use regular. If you have a sweet tooth you could add a teeny bit of sugar or agave nectar (or blend in a date) to your regular soymilk, and maybe some vanilla and/or cinnamon. Stir in about a quarter cup of chia seeds. Put the whole cup in the fridge, covered. Come back any time in the next ten hours to find it's thickened to a pudding consistency. Eat with relish for breakfast or dessert, or while watching Bill Cunningham New York on a blustery, cold March Sunday.

Not low-calorie in any way, but a great way to get all the benefit of chia all in one puddingy package. I'll also be trying this with applesauce and with cocoa powder.


sunil kumar singh said...
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Rosa M said...

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